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Reece's Gypsy Magic

RFM is proud to introduce you to our beautiful and noble GYPSY horses


The Gypsy Queens Little Rose



our beautiful Gypsy Mare drawn by
Katie Stone- Piersma


Sired by Desert Jewels Tinker and her Dam is the famous,  Gypsy Queen.

The Queen is a daughter of Panda Rose, out of the famous Rose.

Rose boasts of coming from a long like of famous Gypsy horses.


She Rides and Drives, and will let the smallest child ride her.




She has a temperament next to none❤


️ She is also a wonderful  mother and has had 4 foals, all beautiful horses.
















Our Gypsy Stallion LK Lennys Legacy


Drawn by Katie Stone- Piersma



Legacy is a super well bred Gypsy Stallion.


A son of Lenny’s Horse and a Grandson of the Lion King.


His Dam is a Daughter of the famous Gypsy Queen. Queen is a daughter of Panda Rose by the famous Rose.


He produces beautiful headed, heavy feathered, short backed heavy off spring.



His temperament is outstanding❤️





















































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